Cyber Security Specialist

Job Description

We are looking for a dedicated and meticulous cyber security specialist to join our growing team. In the role you will operate independently and as part of a team to ensure our client’s software, hardware, and related components are protected from cyber-attacks. The job description will include developing security systems, analyzing current systems for vulnerabilities, and handling any and all cyber-attacks in an efficient and effective manner. Candidates should have strong IT skills and a deep understanding of cyber hacker methodology.

Job Responsibilities include:

  • Develop unique, effective security strategies for software systems, networks, data centers, and hardware
    • Implement/build-in security systems to software, hardware, and components
    • Research best ways to secure company-wide IT infrastructure
    • Build firewalls to protect network infrastructures
    • QA software and hardware for security vulnerabilities and risks
    • Monitor software for external intrusions, attacks, and hacks
    • Close off security vulnerability in the case of an attack
    • Identify cyber attackers, report to upper management, and cooperate with police or other legal forces to detain perpetrator
    • Work independently or as part of a team as needed

Qualification Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or STEM subject preferred
    • Completion of an internship/apprenticeship in cyber security a plus
    • Strong IT skills including knowledge on hardware, software, networks, and data centers
    • Thorough work ethic, attention to detail
    • Skills of perception and QA, ability to identify vulnerabilities and overall issues
    • Critical thinking skills, problem solving aptitude
    • Forensic approach to challenges
    • Ability to think like a hacker and anticipate hacker moves
    • Desire to self-educate on the ever-changing landscape of cyber hacking tactics
    • Experience in professional cyber security a plus

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