Cyber Security that Protects your Network

Keep your Company Data Safe

Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate, and nobody's safe. Small, medium and large-sized businesses are all targets. Having a strong cyber security solution isn't an option: it's a necessity.

TCI Technologies has been keeping companies in the Long Island and New York City area safe since 2003. We value highly personalized cyber security services that are customized to meet your business' unique needs, regardless of its size or industry. From endpoint protection to disaster recovery and everything in between, we make implementation, maintenance and threat response absolutely seamless.

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Cyber Security Services by TCI Technologies

Antivirus & Web Protection

Cutting edge antivirus and web security software safeguards your network from malware attacks. Scan incoming emails, network traffic and new files to ensure they're safe for your employees to open. 

Asset Discovery

Even the best cyber security solutions are completely ineffective without a full understanding of every asset on your network. We conduct asset discovery audits to assess the vulnerabilities of everything present on your network, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Behavior Monitoring

We gather data on your network's normal, everyday activity so we can quickly respond to any abnormalities, like malware or DDoS attacks.

Disaster Recovery & Data Protection

You're never 100% invulnerable to cyber attacks. Having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, including automatic data backup management, is an absolute must to ensure business continuity if and when your company falls victim to an attack. 

Email Security

Spam and phishing emails are among the most common types of cyber attacks and can absolutely devastate the reputation and financial prosperity of even the most successful companies. Protect your email servers with our top-of-the-line internet security programs.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

An intrusion prevent system is a crucial internet security system that monitors all of the traffic on your network, identifies vulnerabilities and deflects incoming attacks from hackers. 

Patch Management

Each time a cyber security system receives an update, it must be installed immediately. These updates are often responses to newly-found weaknesses. Our team seamlessly installs new updates to your network, with zero downtime whatsoever. 

Penetration Testing

An increasingly common cyber security solution, penetration testing essentially simulates a cyber attack on your network in order to identify each and every vulnerability. You may be surprised at how easily your employees fall for even the most obvious attacks.

Vulnerability Scanning

Often the first step in a penetration test, vulnerability scans work to identify any outdated aspects of your network that can be easily exploited by hackers.